We are all familiar with the artist driven charity efforts behind songs like "We Are The World" and "That's What Friends Are For", where high profile musicians come together to record a single song and lend their talent and names to drive sales of that song, with proceeds going to one designated charitable cause.

The ONE GUITAR campaign takes almost the opposite path. Instead of a select group of artists coming together to record one song that results in one recorded master, we are soliciting EVERY artist and group we know to individually record different versions of Willie's song, "One Guitar". Also, instead of one beneficiary, half of the proceeds will go to the TJ Martell Foundation and half the proceeds will go to a PARTICIPATING charity chosen by each contributing artist.  The goal is to have hundreds of versions of the song, recorded in all genres of music (pop, rock, country, hip hop, etc). With the ease of electronic distribution of music, we anticipate that this campaign will be driven virally through social networking, individual artist websites and big box websites like iTunes and Amazon. Willie is also donating all the publishing royalties generated by these charitable versions of the song, so we are hoping to raise 70-99 cents from each purchased download, depending on the distribution deals we can cut.